Shanghai Yunmo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. gathers a group of "Yunmo Brains" who are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the advertising media industry. They are the leading visual production experts in Shanghai in terms of scheme integration, visual remodeling, planar blockbuster planning and shooting, video planning and shooting, post-effect and design, etc. They are also the leading visual production experts in Shanghai due to their long-term cooperation with Austria, DDB, Telecom and Daguang. Company A cooperated and became a professional advertising executive producer. In addition, there have been new attempts and innovations in film and television resources integration, brand management, entertainment marketing and other major media fields.

We are the fashion exclusive of star cafes. Whether we are super idols or powerful movie stars, whether we are queens of songs or hot "little fresh meat", we all present 360 degrees without any corner reserved for you.

We are real "tycoons" in advertising. Casio CASIO, Panasonic Panasonic, Siemens, Hisense Hisense, Tsingtao Beer, NIVEA Nivea, Metropolitan Beauty, Curiosity, AUPU Op, Voyage Game, Oriental Airlines, Lucky Airlines and so on. The products of "Yunmo" can be found in shopping malls and subway. We are the fashion trendsetters, the first-line fashion brand ELLE HOMME quarterly blockbuster has been contracted by us, and we can see the message of "Brain Guest" everywhere in the open fashion magazine.

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